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Any business activity is a complex combination of different but interrelated processes. Processes make up a company's value chain. Every process can provide a competitive advantage to the company, being a guarantee of cost or qualitative (diversification) advantage. The implementation of the management system in the company is a strategic decision, it is a set of interrelated and interacting elements to achieve the goals.

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The purpose of the internal audit of the management system is to provide the management with objective and timely information on the compliance of the defined processes and their effectiveness in order to achieve the company's strategic goals.

The following studies are carried out by our specialists:

Diagnostic audit - examination of the existing management system according to established normative guidelines.

Internal audit (or 2nd party audit) - a study carried out to identify the compliance with the pre-announced terms and conditions of the interested party.

Audits can be complex or separate according to types, and can also be separated according to:

Process, Product, Service, Management System.

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Our experts develop an individual program for each partner to solve their problems, which provides a wide range of services, complex or separate.

  • Organizational structure optimization;

  • Increasing efficiency of activity;

  • Improvement of the enterprise's operational strategy;

  • Reengineering of business processes;

  • Risk management;

  • Development and implementation of key performance indicators;

  • Implementation of courses and trainings;

  • Mentoring;

  • Coaching.

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We are the only company in Armenia that has professionals with relevant experience in the field of design and management of economic zones.
These services provide:
 Strategy development;
 Business plan development;
 Recommendations for legislative reforms;
 Management of newly created mega-clusters;
 Improvement of the existing management system;
 Ways of international cooperation.
We provide consulting services for the design, creation, management, and development of special economic and industrial zones. It is applicable at all levels: government, coordinating body, zone operator and operators.

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Strategic management is the process of formulating, implementing, and evaluating the strategies and actions taken by an organization to achieve its goals and objectives. It involves analyzing the organization's internal and external environment, identifying opportunities and threats, setting goals and objectives, and developing plans to achieve them. Strategic management is a continuous process that involves ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the organization's performance, making necessary adjustments to the strategies and plans, and taking corrective action if needed. The ultimate goal of strategic management is to create a sustainable competitive advantage for the organization, which enables it to achieve long-term success and growth.

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